At All in Property we believe in ensuring the highest levels of quality and service. Our accreditations demonstrate that we have been assessed against rigorous standards. This gives our clients and partners complete confidence that we have been independently evaluated for our performance capability.


ISO9001 Quality Management Systems

We uphold these values by:
  • Ensuring quality management throughout the organisation by using our Internal Management Systems, which are controlled and maintained by two key personnel.
  • Gathering feedback from clients, employees and contractors to ensure quality services.
  • Monitoring and measuring all employees’ and contractors’ quality of works through performance graphs.
  • Monitoring and measuring the suitability of our suppliers in relation to the products supplied.
  • Providing ongoing training to all employees and sub-contractors.

The Safecontractor Charter Standards set down the benchmark against which all our contractors are assessed. Our mandatory in-house training and Safecontractor accreditation are the cornerstones of our success on site as they ensure a secure working environment for our staff.

Our procedures are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary ensuring that we still comply Safecontractor guidelines. The extent of the details used in the procedures ensures accuracy and consistency and also allows internal quality monitoring to be measurable and consistent. It also means, All in Property continues to deliver an outstanding job for our clients.

All in Property Code of Practice

All in Property is committed to regulatory improvements and the demonstration of best practice and have recently been consulting with a range of organisations to implement a Code of Practice for our industry.

It’s incredibly important to ensure clients are provided with the assurance that work undertaken on their behalf is done so to the highest level, meeting standard industry guidelines and complying with existing policies.

We would like to extend this by implementing a new charter that other providers should adhere to, to ensure that customers are fully protected. In light of this, we have created a draft Code of Practice document to promote tighter regulation and to help professionalise the industry.

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