All in Property is a trusted partner to experts in the mortgage, receivership and insolvency sector. Drawing upon our years of experience we apply a principled, diplomatic and transparent approach to property management.

LPA & Property Management

Service Description

As a Law of Property Act (LPA) receiver, you may have taken on a property due for management. You want to empty and secure the property as quickly as possible. We will help you do that promptly and smoothly.

Here is the process

  • We visit the premises to compile a fact-finding inspection report featuring a full description and photographs showing the circumstances at the site
  • We contact the occupier to inform them of the situation
  • If no contact is made with the occupier, we hand deliver a Notice of Intent
  • We then quote for works needing immediate attention, such as boarding windows and doors and making the premises secure
  • After notice is served we return to take control of the property and begin ‘drain-down’, that is, draining the central heating system, switching off the water supply and other utilities, and notifying suppliers
  • Our tradespeople – plumber, electrician, gas fitter, locksmith, glazier and general maintenance workers, as appropriate – respond immediately to change locks and make urgent repairs
  • A photographic log records the condition of the property, lists the work we carry out, and registers the condition of the premises when we leave
  • If circumstances change for the vendor, we may be called back to switch on the services and prepare the property for re-occupation
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