How to make a building secure

How to make a building secure
December 1, 2014

Poor security measures can lead to theft and damage of a building, resulting in unwanted repairs and costs. This can be avoided by making sure necessary safeguarding steps are in place.

First of all consider the entry points of the property – windows and doors. They need to be properly secured to prevent intruders from entering and protecting against potential weather damage. Double glazed glass is the best option as it is inevitably more secure. Sturdy locks that are resilient to lock snapping should be fitted and, if necessary, consider security roller shutters. The letter box should be sealed, using a good quality letter plate lock which will prevent anything being put through.

A high quality alarm system should be installed in a location that is clearly visible. In the result of an attempted break in, a monitored system will reduce the extent of criminal damage caused by alerting authorities when triggered. A security camera is one of the best deterrents and should cover all areas of the building.

Equip the property with external lighting – a well-lit building is less likely to attract intruders. Use movement sensory lights for extra security; if a trespasser has made an attempt to approach and access the building and their motion is picked up, a sudden burst of light should shock and scare away.

Bins, ladders and other large objects that could be used for climbing must be removed or kept well out of sight. If the property contains items, these should not be on display, or visible from outside.

Regular inspections of the property will highlight any areas requiring maintenance, to ensure that security is not compromised.

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