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Handling Hazardous Chemicals

  • Handling Hazardous Chemicals
Project Description
Knowing our clients and their needs

The Environment Agency, police and fire service were called to a serious spillage of hazardous chemicals at an industrial unit in Cumbria.

As a result, the site operators were told they could not remove containers of methanol unless they had the required documentation and were allowed under health & safety regulations to transport the substance.

The fire service made the spillage safe and it was agreed to place the containers inside the unit for safe storage until a decision was made on how to deal with them. The police then told the site operator that the removal of the methanol would have to be carried out by a licensed company and all documentation regarding the transport provided.

Tailoring an effective solution to a specific issue

After taking instructions from our client, a large estate agency, our experts inspected the site and confirmed there were six 1,000 litre containers of methanol inside the unit and a further 9,000 litres in a metal storage tank nearby.

In addition, we identified some 18,000 litres of cooking oil in 1,000 litre containers on the premises.

How we delivered – and continue to deliver

We quickly secured the site and removed the hazardous waste as quickly as possible, while adhering to strict Health & Safety regulations.

This involved arranging immediate site security, testing the chemicals for toxicity and safely removing the containers to a secure location.

Positive outcomes for our client

All hazardous chemicals had been removed within one week and feedback from the police and fire service confirmed that they were very satisfied with our service.

Just as importantly, we averted damaging publicity, and efficiently resolved a serious public health risk.