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Project Description
Knowing our clients and their needs

It’s no secret that the property management industry can provide challenges which need to be dealt with sensitively and carefully, usually when it comes to property possession. In a recent high profile eviction case, problems arose after the property had been taken into possession and it was our job to maintain full security at all times.

Tailoring an effective solution to a specific issue

High profile cases require extra planning, meaning liaising directly with the bailiff and police, where required, is vital to ensure the correct management of these cases. All parties meet prior to arriving on site at the same time, ensuring all necessary security measures can be put in place at once. It was imperative we took possession of the property straight away with minimal disruption and without adverse publicity. We handled the situation quickly and professionally, keeping the client updated along the way.

It was known that protestors might turn up on site so we ensured the property was alarmed and secured with shutters immediately. However, the problems started half an hour after the security measures were installed when protesters arrived and started to rip off the shutters.

How we delivered – and continue to deliver

In any situation like this the first port of call is to ensure the safety of all persons on site and, therefore, arrange police support if required. We also discuss recommendations with the client, for example, if security guards are required. In this case, to resolve the issue we placed two live-in security guards on site to man the property 24 hours a day. Because we alarmed the property, it meant the alarm call centre was immediately notified when the protestors tried to break in and made it more difficult for them to gain access.

The security guards on the site did need police assistance on two occasions and there was a quick response from the officers. The security guards routinely reported in and we were able to give the client peace of mind by keeping them updated. The situation, like any case of this nature, was handled by a member of the senior management team.


Working in this way means we have eyes and ears on the property round the clock and the client can be kept fully updated of all site activities, including daily reports broken down by hourly activity. Placing security guards on the site shows the client that the property is fully protected and any issues that did arise were called through to the police directly from the site, ensuring a quick response.