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Removing Dangerous Waste

  • Removing Dangerous Waste
Project Description
Knowing our clients and their needs

Our client notified us that there was hazardous waste in the grounds of a property, which had come to light following a visit from a local Environment Agency Officer. This was a highly sensitive case which had been promoted on the front page of a local newspaper and had a high volume of local interest due to the potential danger the liquids could cause.

We were given very limited information about the situation but were aware that there was methanol present on site which was potentially unstable. This was due to people having attempted to remove metal within the property, which could have caused an ignition source to the substance vapour which was present in the atmosphere, ultimately resulting in an explosion.

Tailoring an effective solution to a specific issue

Understanding the need to protect the property, our first point of action was to appoint a 24 hour guard until the substances could be removed.

We then attended the site to take a sample of the product and identified that there was a by-product of the methanol manifesting as a thick, brown liquid. Samples of both of the products were taken from site and sent to a local council scientific officer to ensure we fully understood the stability of the products and the hazards they posed. This ensured we were able to remove and dispose of the substances, in line with both environmental legislation and health and safety legislation.

The sample test results revealed that the products were highly unstable and very dangerous to the local area. To minimise the risk as far as possible, we worked in close proximity with the local police department, fire brigade, council and environment agency.

How we delivered – and continue to deliver

Within one week of receiving notification of the issue from the client, all hazardous waste was removed from site. We ensured this was carried out safely and in the correct manner to ensure inherent dangers were not posed to either the contractors on site or the wider local community.

Following the removal and disposal of the dangerous substances, the local police department and fire brigade confirmed they were happy that the site, and the local area, was now safe.

Positive outcomes for our client

Our fast-acting, in-depth knowledge and safe working practices eliminated the risk of bad publicity towards our client and removed the unnecessary dangers these substances posed to the local community and its residents.